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There are multiple options to respond to “Low storage” on your device. The simplest option, is to clear unused data stored in apps, as shown in the following:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Choose desired app > Storage > Clear Storage

Another option is to remove the unused apps that have already been downloaded. This can be done by;

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Choose desired app > Uninstall

A: In order to format SD card; Go to Settings > System > Storage > Select SD Card > three dots (top right) > Storage Settings > Format as portable or Format as internal (Must use to install apps on SD Card)

In order to modify existing and/or create new APN settings, input a sim card and follow these steps:

Settings > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names> Enter correct APN settings

You can create a new APN under the Access Point Names option > + (on upper right) > Fill out the APN information for your carrier > Select the three dots (upper right corner) > Save

Or modify an existing APN by selecting the profile under APN’s > Edit desired information > Select the three dots upper right corner > Save

Go to “Settings” menu and click on the “Sound” tab. There, you can select and adjust general sound settings, volume profiles, and notification settings.

First, open your camera application, located on your home screen or in your app drawer. From the camera screen, you have access to customize the view by clicking on the different icons at the top of the screen. For example, you can choose between turning on/off Flash and HDR. Additional options can be accessed by clicking on the settings icon located on the top right corner. Once done, aim at the object or scene you wish to capture. Then, click the shutter button on the screen to capture the image. After taking the picture, the file will be automatically saved in your Google Photos App. Note: You can view the photos immediately by clicking on the preview box button located in the bottom left corner.

You can perform a network data reset by following these steps:

Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth > Reset Settings

*All network settings such as Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth will be reset by clicking the Reset settings button*

If you need to perform a Factory data reset, please follow these steps:

Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset) > Reset Phone

*Please note, by clicking “Reset Phone”, all data on your phone’s internal storage, will be permanently deleted. This is including but not limited to: Your google account, system and app data and settings, downloaded apps, music, photos, and other user data.

To set up a screen lock option, please use the following steps:

Settings > Security & Location > Screen Lock > Choose desired screen lock

There will be several screen locking options to choose from. For example; swipe, pattern, pin or password.

*Enabling this option will not allow access to the device without the correct PIN/password*

If you wish to add a fingerprint, please refer to the steps below:

Settings > Security & Location > Fingerprint > Add Fingerprint

*A fingerprint can only be added/enabled after first creating a PIN/password*

You should use the charger that comes within the box. Depending on the model the charger model may differ. Please refer to the models sales guide to locate the exact specifications for your model.

Simply plug the charging block into an outlet and connect the Type-C/Micro USB cable to the port located at the bottom of the phone.

You should charge phone until it is completely charged and use the device till it’s completely drained.

To install an application, simply click on the Google Play Store icon> Search/browse and select the desired application> and then click install. Once application has downloaded you will see it on your home screen layout.

To install an application, simply click on the Google Play Store icon> Search/browse and select the desired application> and then click install. Once application has downloaded you will see it on your home screen layout.

To remove an application from your layout press and hold it, this will allow to to drag the icon. Two options at the top will appear, allowing you to “Remove” or “Uninstall”.

To set up a Gmail/Email account, First, go to Settings and click on the Accounts tab. Then, click on “Add account” and choose the desired email provider. From there, you can either set up an existing account or establish a new one.

You can customize the layout of your device by holding an app icon and dropping it off. You can also remove an app from your layout by pressing and holding it while dragging it to the “Remove” option that manifests during the drag, you will notice a “Remove” or “Uninstall” option at the top of screen while dragging app icon. You can add a widget and other shortcuts by holding on an empty space in the layout. A preview of the layout will show with options to change the wallpaper, add widgets and settings. Adding widgets is as simple as selecting the widgets in the widgets screen and dragging it to an appropriately sized empty space on the screen.

Changing wallpaper: Press and hold home screen > select wallpapers > select wallpaper > Set wallpaper (Upper right)

Adding widgets: Press and hold home screen > select widgets > press and hold desired widget > drag to area on home screen.

Moving apps: Press and hold app in app drawer and drag to area on home screen. Remove app from home screen: Press and hold app on home screen and drag to remove. You may also download a different launcher that offers different customizable options as small icons.

To create a new contact, open your devices Phone app. Tap on the contacts section located near the bottom right-hand corner. From here, tap “Create a new contact”, located towards the top of the screen. Once you click to add new contact you will be prompted to choose the destination where you wish to save it.

*We recommend using your Gmail to save all contacts*

Once you select a destination, you can fill out Name, Phone, and Email. Additional fields are also available under “More Fields” to add more information. Once completed you can click on the “Save” option in the top right corner of screen. You should now see the new contact in your contacts list.

Open your devices Phone app > Go to your “Recent” tab or Call history > Tap a call from the number you want to block > Tap Block/Report Spam. This will automatically block contact until blocking feature is deactivated.

Go to Settings > Hotspot & Tethering > Wi-Fi hotspots > Enable

You may now connect any other device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) via Wi-Fi to your BLU Smartphone. You can also change any settings pertaining to the hotspot from this Wi-Fi Hotspot menu.

To take a screenshot press and hold the volume down and power button simultaneously. You will see a miniature image of the screenshot appear on the screen. You will also be alerted via your notification bar and asked if you would like to “Share”, “Edit”, or “Delete” the screenshot.