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February 2023

9 Reasons to Make the Switch from iPhone to Android

Here's why you should switch to (or stay with) an Android for your next phone.

A BLU Android phone on the home screen | Photo by BLU.

What are the real differences between iPhones and Androids? Which is better? Everyone's run into these questions at some point, but the two sides are very split on the issue. In the end, Android's benefits simply outweigh the iPhone's benefits. To help settle the Apple vs. Android debate, here are 9 reasons why you should choose Team Green.

  1. Variety of choices

    Android offers a much wider selection of devices than Apple. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and range from budget-friendly phones to high-end flagship models. With all types of feature configurations, you'll be able to find one that serves your needs and fits your taste.

  2. Customization options

    Android smartphones allow for customization in ways that iPhones lack. Users have the ability to install different home screen launchers that completely overhaul the look and feel of the user interface. Widgets and more built-in options allow for a truly personalized experience.

  3. Greater access to apps

    Android has a more extensive selection of apps and games than Apple. Many of the offerings in the Play Store are not available in the App Store. This is partially thanks to Apple's walled garden, as they implement rules that make things harder for developers and consumers alike.

    Perhaps even more importantly, Android offers flexibility - users can easily install apps from any source, including third-party app stores. This guarantees full access to games like Fortnite, which is notoriously unavailable on the App Store. There are no limits on what you can download from where, which protects Android users from restrictive monopolies.

  4. Better file management

    The Android operating system allows you to manage files and folders with much more freedom than iOS does. You can view and organize your files on your phone just like you would on a PC.

    Android phones also connect with laptops or tablets with no setup required. You can quickly and easily transfer files between your phone and any computer. Sharing and saving photos, videos, and other types of media and documents is as simple as it gets.

  5. More control

    Androids offer more control over apps, permissions, and processes that run in the background. This serves to protect your privacy, extend your battery life, and keep your device running smoothly all day.

  6. More affordable options

    A new iPhone is usually priced higher than an Android with similar specs. Along with more affordable flagships, Android covers all price points and is much more accessible as a result. Even on a budget, you can find a great phone without breaking the bank.

  7. More storage solutions

    Many Android phones feature expandable storage through microSD cards. This allows users to easily and cheaply increase their phone's storage capacity by 256GB or more. Apple neglects expandable storage, so iPhone users are limited to whatever is built in to their phone.

    If you're looking for cloud storage, there's also more to choose from. There are dozens of solutions, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, that seamlessly integrate with the Android ecosystem. They are more accessible and user‑friendly compared to iCloud, especially when trying to access your cloud from other devices.

  8. More features and functionality

    Besides expandable storage, many Android phones sport additional features missing from iPhones. For example, headphone jacks open up a whole world of audio options. IR Blasters allow you to control home appliances and electronics. Androids use USB-C or Micro USB connectors, which are much more common, cheaper, and more versatile than iPhone chargers.

  9. Greater freedom

    Android is an open-source platform, meaning anyone can use and modify it. This gives users incredible freedom regarding their phone’s software and making modifications to it.

So where can you find one of these great Android phones? Check out BLU’s wide selection of models on Amazon. You'll find the ideal device for your needs at a low price point. We have a BLU for you!

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