Full HD Viewing


Quality in every inch, the Studio

6.0 LTE comes equipped with a

full HD screen and resolution of 

1080 x 1920. This device also

features BLU infinite View [IPS],

and Nex Lens Technology [OGS]

to make everything pop.








Beauty comes in all sizes



Experience the quality and performance of BLU's Studio 6.0 LTE.

This device is the perfect size for all your multitasking needs.


Capture Quality


Quality in every pixel is what the

Studio 6.0 LTE assures in all of

your pictures with its 13MP main

camera, and 5MP frontal camera.





Need for Speed


See the world at high speed from the tip of your fingers. No

matter where you are in the country you'll be able to access

the studio 6.0 LTE's 4G LTE bands.


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