Because size matters, Studio 5.3 S brings an ample 5.3"

display that is encased in a slim frame. This smartphone has

the appropriate size and weight making it convenient to carry;

combined with fine materials and finishes that will make you

stand out of the crowd.











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      Get the apps that you love 

    Get your favorite apps, music, videos, games, books,
    magazines and more. Google Play provides you the
    top apps that everyone loves. Learn More.

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      Get social media apps
    and more

    Download the latest apps you want and need on
    Google Play Store. Stay connected with all your
    family and friends thru social media apps.

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      Play games on a great display

    Studio 5.3 S is powered with a fast processor that
    gives you a faster gaming experience. You will
    able to enjoy stunning graphics on an incredible
    and ample 5.3” display. Download the latest games
    on Google Play.

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     0000 Music
      Play your favorite songs

    Download the latest music and get the song
    of the day for free only on Google Play.

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     0000 Videos-&-Movies
      Great Videos on an
    Amazing Display

    Enjoy astonishing videos and movies on an excellent display.
    Have an out of this world experience and download the
    latest movies and TV shows from Google 

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs
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