All your work and personal experiences in one incredible device.

Life One comes with an exceptional build quality and luxurious

design, combined with the latest technology to provide the

ultimate smartphone experience.


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     0000 Google-Play
      Apps & More

    Download from Google Play the latest apps, music, videos,
    games, books, magazines and more. Google Play provides
    you recommendations on the apps that you should get.
    Learn More. 


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     0003 Applications
      Download all the latest

    Get the apps you want for fun and need for work on Google Play
    Store. Stay connected with all your family and friends thru
    social media apps. 

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     0000 Games

    Play with your games like never before thanks to the Life One's
    latest technology for maximum viewing experience.
    Download the latest games from Google Play. 

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     0000 Music
      All your music right at
    your fingertips

    Access the latest music and experience and download
    your favorite music from Google Play. 

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     0000 Videos-&-Movies
      Play your movies
    on the go

    Enjoy astonishing videos and movies on an
    excellent display. Have an out of this world
    experience and download the latest movies
    and TV shows from Google Play.

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs
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