Luxurious Design


Introducing the most enticing and luxurious smartphone yet. Beauty

and elegance are paired in its design. This sophisticated smartphone

is made with Swarovski Zirconia and becomes a piece of jewelry to

carry. The chic Zirconia crystal shines amazingly bright, every time

you caress the home button.





















  0004 GALLERY


    google black
      Download magazines, and more

    Google Play lets you download the latest apps 
    from world entertainment, style, design and
    music. Stay up to date with the latest trends.

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    apps black
      Get Girly Apps

    Download the latest apps you want on Google Play Store.
    Personalize your smartphone with girly and stylish
    wallpapers and themes. Find, collect, and share with
    others your inspirations. 

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    games black
      Play Chic Games
    Be chic and feminine when playing games. Design outfits
    and elegant fashion styles. Learn more about these girly
    and fun apps on Google Play Store.

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    music black
      Listen to Fabulous Music

    Get access to latest music thru custom made
    radio services that streams music to your
    smartphone. Learn more on google play store.

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      Great Videos on an
    Amazing Display

    Enjoy the latest movies and TV series on a great
    display and download them from google
    play store.

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