Emphasis on Design

The Win JR LTE looks nothing like it’s

predecessor. With a totally new sleek

candy coated finish anyone who lays

eyes on it will be in for a treat. The

finishing touch is a round curve

design that provides maximum

handheld comfort and compact



Bigger Screen

Sporting a generous 4.5”

with BLU Infinite View

Technology (IPS) , the Win

JR LTE offers the user a

better viewing experience.

Data speeds

faster than ever

With data speeds up to 10 X faster

than 3G, the Win JR LTE will be at

your beckon call to help you with

whatever your digital life brings you.


64-Bit Power

The Win JR LTE has a state of the

art Snapdragon 410 processor with

64bit architecture. It is also clocked

at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, so there

will be a seamless transition from

task to task.



Two Cameras

No matter where you are, you will always

have your 5MP autofocus main and

frontal VGA camera to capture all the

important moments in life.

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