Amazingly Simple for

A Complicated World

BLU is excited to welcome you to the World

of Windows 8.1 where simplicity is the key to

getting things done.


You now have the world’s most personal

assistant in the palm of your hands with








Quality on Display



Packed with a 5.0” HD display with a resolution of 720x1280, the Win HD is a worthy

partner for the  your complicated every day life.


You also have BLU Infinite View and Nex Lens technology to assure that no matter the  

colors are clearer, and that any angle is a good angle to lay your eyes upon the screen.



fit for an executive

but fun enough for all


You should expect more from your


smartphone, that is why we have put


a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHZ


Quad-core processor to aid you in


your everyday tasks.


With data speeds of up to 42 mbps,


you will be able to stream any video


or download your powerpoint


presentations in a flash because in


this day and age waiting is not an





Capture your life with

the quality you deserve.

Packed with an HD 8MP camera with

autofocus, you will feel assured that

every picture will be of unequaled quality

The world has become smaller now

that you can Skype with your loved

ones anywhere in the world and that is

exactly what the 2MP front camera in

the Win HD will let you do.



More Ways to


Don’t feel tied down. With the

Win HD you roam freely in any

country with the DUAL SIM

capabilities. One device, two

phone numbers.


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